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Friday, May 12, 2006

LULU and future versions

1. David, yes I think we should go ahead. I'm working (at least mentally) on a version 2, which bI'll explain more about in due course. Presumably, if the book is updated, it's easy enough to substitute the new version for the old one?

2. If you could reform it if necessary that would be really helpful.

3. I have a version 1.3, which corrects a formatting error, so it would be best to use that I think.

4. I am going to start to collate research via my website.

5. I have a list of blogs/permalinks of blog posts in which a mention of Coming of Age appeared. Do any of you know of a tool that would allow me to copy and paste the whole lot and get a blogroll from it? I don't have the time to do each one manually.


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