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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coming of Age the Podcast – Addition Information

After reading and responding to Steve Lee’s comment, I thought I would add a bit more information in a regular post. Forgive me, I should have done this the first time.

Coming of Age the audio version is now listed on iTunes. I believe it made it into the index Thursday and I have succusfuly located it in two ways.

  1. Using the iTunes search tool (in the Podcast genre). I searched for “Coming of Age” (Tthe quotes here are for affect, I did not use them in the actual search).

  2. Using the iTunes browse tool (in the Podcast genre). Next went to education then to Education Technology.

I was NOT successful doing a top level search for “Coming of Age” however, I did learn there are a number of song on iTunes titled Coming of Age. I guess that tells us it is a good title for a book too.

Thanks for your time today.

Table of Contents update

Thanks to Shawn and Steve for their postings!

Draft Table Of Contents (Version 10)

Items marked *

are new to or updated

in the second edition

(Tbc) = To Be Confirmed

TF = Terry Freedman (Note: if anyone wishes to take over some of the stuff I've allocated to myself, don't be backwards in coming forward!)

Please ignore any formatting errors for now: life's too short.

Wanna get involved? Here are some ways you could help:

  • Tell me if the chapters are in the correct order, and allocated to the correct category.
  • Volunteer to write a chapter (I'll need a brief bio and a sample or two of your writing please)
  • Offer to proofread either a chapter, the whole book, or a particular aspect of the book eg are spellings consistent (as a Brit I need to keep tabs on the way certain other nationalities mangle the spelling conventions that served us well for aeons)
  • Provide me with material I can use for the case studies
  • Mention this project on your blog or in other places
  • Suggest ways in which it could be improved
  • Visit the websites of the authors mentioned: as soon as I have some more time I'll publish them, but in the meantime I suggest you look at the current edition of "Coming of Age" to find out more about the original contributors, and then "google" the rest. Not all of them have websites, but a lot of them do.
  • Send me, or the other contributors if you know them, a few words of encouragement, or let me know when you mention this on your blog, as that gives us all a fillip!
Thanks. And now, enjoy!

Section 1: Introductory Section

1. Preliminary Information TF

2. * Quotes: What They Said About The First Edition TF

3. * The Contributors: Quick Reference Guide including note about availability for presentations TF

4. Introduction TF

5. * Introduction To The 2nd Edition TF

6. * Quickstart Guide: How To Get The Most Out Of This Book TF

7. * Glossary Of Terms Used TF – does it require updating? Need someone to look at this, and do it if necessary!

8. A Note On Spelling TF

Section 2: Cool Tools: An Overview

9. Effective E-Learning Through Collaboration -- Steve Lee & Miles Berry

10. * Website Review: Shambles/Web2 -- By Elaine Freedman

11. * Open source and web 2.0 – Miles Berry

12. * Trends In Web 2.0 -- Will Richardson

13. * The Web 2.0 experience: a mature learner’s perspective -- Damaris Revell

14. *Did you know…: some interesting statistics – Clarence Fisher

15. What Are Rss Feeds And Why Haven’T I Heard About It?(Rss Feeds From An Educator’S Perspective) -- John Evans

16. Book Review: Redefining Literacy For The 21St Century TF

17. * Book Review: Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts TF

18. Book Review: New Tools For Learning TF

Section 3: Blogging

19. Blogging: Shift Of Control -- Alan November

20. Factoring Web Logs To Their Fundamentals -- David Warlick

21. Virtual Support Via The Blogosphere -- Mechelle De Craene

22. The International Edublog Awards -- Josie Fraser

23. * The Blog.Ac.Uk Conference-- Josie Fraser

24. * Blogs You Must Read! TF

25. * Review of Blogrolling TF

26. Elgg And Blogging In Primary Education -- Miles Berry

27. Using Blogs In School TF

28. Thinking About Creativity: Thinking About Blogs! -- Peter Ford

29. * Book Review: Classroom Blogging: A Teacher’S Guide To The Blogosphere 2Nd Edition TF

Section 4: Podcasting

30. Diary Of A Potential Podcasting Junkie -- Chris Smith

31. Podcasting -- Dai Thomas

32. Finding And Subscribing To A Podcast Via Itunes TF

33. Obtaining Information About A Podcast In Itunes TF

34. Giving Students A Second Listen -- Shawn Wheeler

35. Podcasting: A Review Of Recording Devices TF

36. Other Useful Websites

37. Recording A Podcast On A Computer TF

38. Uses Of Podcasting In Schools TF

39. * Case study: Podcasting in Preoria: How is podcasting being used in one school district? -- Shawn Wheeler

40. * Cool tools for podcasters: a round-up of some of the coolest things we've come across for your podcast -- Shawn Wheeler

41. * Blogging Vs Podcasting: How To Decide -- Steve Dembo

Section 5: Photography

42. Photo-Sharing And Clip-Art -- TF

43. * Review Of Preloadr -- TF

44. * Educational uses of photo-sharing – David Muir

45. * Geotagging and Flickr – Miles Berry

Section 6: Digital Storytelling

46. * Digital Storytelling: A Practical Classroom Guide -- Mechelle De Craene

47. * Digital Storytelling -- David Jakes

48. * Stories Without Words -- Barbara Ganley

49. * Digital Storytelling -- Catherine Howell & Dr Helen Barratt (Topic Tbc)

50. * Product Review: Photo Story 3 -- TF

Section 7: Wikis

51. Wikis: An Introduction -- TF

52. * Cellphedia -- Limor Garcia & -- TF

53. Podcasting And Wikis -- Ewan Mcintosh

54. Wikipedia Vs Britannica -- TF

55. Wikiville: An Interview With John Bidder

Section 8: Vlogging

56. Video Blogging: Terry Freedman Interviews Paul Knight

57. Video Blogging In Schools -- TF

58. * Online Video Services, Digital Rights Management And Vlogging: A Guide To What's Out There And How To Use It In Your Classroom -- Leon Cych

59. * Videoconferencing (tbc) -- Damaris Revell

60. * Web 2.0 Video Editing -- Chris Smith

Section 9: Other Aspects Of Web 2.0

61. Social Bookmarking -- TF

62. * Social Bookmarking And Tagging As Learning Aids – David Muir

63. Forums, Instant Messaging And Other Ways To Participate

64. * Google Earth -- Mechelle De Craene

65. * What's Available For Mac Users? -- Peggy George

66. * Moodle: What’s all the fuss about? (tbc) -- Damaris Revell

Section 10: Issues

67. * Embedding technology through Web 2.0 tools (tbc) -- Derek Wenmoth

68. * The Digital Divide And Web 2.0 -- Bonnie Bracey

69. * The Social Aspects Of Technology (E.G. Blogs) And Identity Formation With Adolescences -- Mechelle De Craene

70. * Video Blogging And Cell Phones As Agents Of Social Empowerment: Food For Thought For Older Students -- Brittany Shoot (Title Tbc)

71. * Information Fluency Meets Web 2.0 -- Joyce Valenza

72. *e-learning and the e-strategy: lessons and challenges from the UK experience (tbc) – Miles Berry

73. * Security: The Spectre At The Feast? – David Harley

74. * Security And Safety Resources – David Harley (With Judith Harley)

75. * Online Etiquette-- ?? Need An Author For This!

76. * Digital Safety -- ?? Need An Author For This!

77. * Web 2.0 And High-Stakes Testing – (author approached: tbc)

78. Authentic Assessment with Electronic Portfolios using Common Software and Web 2.0 Tools – Dr Helen Barratt

Section 11: Implementing Web 2.0 In The Classroom, A Holistic Approach

79. * The Role Of Educational Leaders In Implementing Web 2.0 – Miguel Guhlin

80. * Flat Classrooms: The Classroom As A Learning Engine -- David Warlick

81. * Web 2.0 And Inclusion: Involving Pupils Not At School -- ?? Need An Author For This!

82. * Beyond The School Gates: Web 2 And Parental Involvement -- ?? Need An Author For This!

83. * The importance of learning networks – Clarence Fisher

84. * Weaving Web 2 Tools -- Darren Kuropatwa

85. * Implementing Web 2.0 In The Classroom – Vicki Davis

86. * Collaboration In Online Projects, -- Jennifer Wagner

87. * Using Skype -- Barbara Sawhill

88. * Technology and pedagogy - - ?? Need An Author For This!

89. * Case Studies (Throughout The Book) (Tbc)

Section 12: Now What?

90. Further Reading -- TF

91. * Book Review: The Long Tail – TF

92. * Book Review: The Long Tail – Miles Berry (tbc)

93. * Book Review: The World Is Flat – Sharon Peters

94. * Book Review: The World Is Flat – Miles Berry (tbc)

95. * Next Steps -- TF

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