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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coming of Age the Podcast – Addition Information

After reading and responding to Steve Lee’s comment, I thought I would add a bit more information in a regular post. Forgive me, I should have done this the first time.

Coming of Age the audio version is now listed on iTunes. I believe it made it into the index Thursday and I have succusfuly located it in two ways.

  1. Using the iTunes search tool (in the Podcast genre). I searched for “Coming of Age” (Tthe quotes here are for affect, I did not use them in the actual search).

  2. Using the iTunes browse tool (in the Podcast genre). Next went to education then to Education Technology.

I was NOT successful doing a top level search for “Coming of Age” however, I did learn there are a number of song on iTunes titled Coming of Age. I guess that tells us it is a good title for a book too.

Thanks for your time today.

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