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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Coming of Age and Birds of a Feather

I'd like to meet people interested in discussing ideas for taking the Coming of Age ebook further. I think it's reached its natural limit as a book, or at least a single book. I'm also starting to feel uneasy over the fact that I've often ranted about people who give hour-long lectures on the benefits of participative learning, and here I am producing a book of text about Web 2.0!

So how can we take the idea further? Shawn Wheeler has done a great job getting the podcast version going, but even that is mainly a one-way medium. Where can we go with this? Digital movies for some "chapters"? A Second Life lounge to chew the fat in?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: who's gonna take these things on, and who can do what?

I'm also interested in expanding the themes as well as the media. For example... well no, I'll stop there for now.

Interested? Here's the link.

If any of those ideas float your boat, you have to - erm - actually I don't know what you have to do. You could say what sort of sessions you'd like to attend.

I'd love to take the Coming of Age thing forward, so would relish and welcome the chance to work on new and exciting avenues with you.

I've suggested a networking idea too, which I think could be both fun and useful.

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