Web 2.0 Booklet

Friday, January 19, 2007

Previews now underway!

I've now once again started to publish individual chapters from the forthcoming second edition. Starting us off is Mechelle De Craene's piece on the possibilities afforded by Google Earth. Who'd have thought that satellite imagery could have such a dramatic effect on your lessons?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More news

FutureLab lists Coming of Age... on its list of resources on its blog. Also, I forgot to mention: I'm dead "chuffed" because Graham Wegner is going to contribute too. He has done some good stuff, Se his K12 Online presentation, for example.

I also meant to mention Kathy Cassidy's blog. She does some great stuff with young children. There is a great video interview of her too, called Telling the New Story -- which also happens to be the title of her chapter in the 2nd edition.

Great new developments in the pipeline!

I'm gonna have to stop somewhere, I know, but I couldn't resist having contributions from Kathy Cassidy and a couple of students (both girls aged 14, one in Canada, the other in the UK).

Work continues apace, and I'm working on each section as a self-contained whole. The idea is that rather than there being just one megafile that only uber-geeks will read (which kind of defeats the purpose), there will be a range of short booklets about blogging, podcasting and all the rest of it.

As the saying goes, watch this space.