Web 2.0 Booklet

Friday, April 07, 2006

And now we have a wiki...

... thanks to Steve Lee! Here's the link.

Chris Smith has produced a logo for us!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A place for internal discussion

We need to distinguish between private discussion and stuff for public consumption, I think. I have set up this "cheap & cheerful" blog, with unmoderated comments, purely for our purposes. Regard it as a sort of flipchart for brainstorming, considering ideas etc.

First item for discussion was do we wish to set up an online place where people can contribute to this booklet in some way, like expanding the number of resources covered? The answer was "yes".

We now have a delicious area set-up, which we can all add to when we discover interesting looking sites, and an aggegated area on superglu:


I think, before we go any further, we need to decide: for the purposes of open collaboration by any member of the public on the web 2 booklet and its resources, which could form the basis of an expanded 2nd edition, do we wish to use a blog or a wiki as the main vehicle?